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Re: 87 Coupe GT YAHOOOO!!!

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
> Hey...Got a comment and some questions.  First, I saw a 87 GT 2.3 with the 4
> rings on the back and complete white out.  I assume it was a CE, although I
> am not sure, but it was an 87.  Next, My brake lights don't work.  But there
> is a catch, as my 3rd light DOES work.  Any comments?  This is on a 86 COupe
> GT.

	Maybe Eric Fluhr, Jonathan Monetti, Mike Williams, Jazman(?), or
another Coupe GT owner(did I forget one?-I think so...) on the list will
know the answer to the question of whether the Comm. Ed. was specific
only to the '86 model year or was also sold in '87 with the 2.3. I
imagine one does not have to be a Coupe owner to answer that, so of
course any Audi fanatic who knows may reply...Aren't you glad you have
my permission! ;)
	As far as the brake lights, my experience(and this is prolly true of
4Ks too) is that the electrical circuit board/plastic tray mount(the
assembly that snaps in place....my mind is blank...can't think of the
proper words/description?) that all of the rear bulbs plug into lose
their respective grounds to corrosion or breakage. I think it is common,
maybe someone can elaborate.....Thank you. I find it weird that both
have gone at the same time, so maybe that is not the cause at
all...maybe the fuse(#3/25 amps.-I believe) Never forget to check the