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Re:Audi and Stonegard

I was considering having this done on my Porsche; showed the Stonguard
literature to a local high quality shop dealing in Euro cars (how reputable?
he is qualified to do body work on the new aluminum A8!). His feeling was
that the large film panels would be an absolute nightmare to install
to remove all air bubbles and get them perfectly aligned.  So, I am holding
off until someone else gets this done.  His feeling was also that while you
could probably remove it if needed, the paint then would be a different
shade than the rest of the panels.

The product is apparently similar to the clear plastic stone guards seen
on the rear quarter panels of the new 993s.  From experience, thse chip, 

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

In a message dated 97-03-10 22:40:19 EST, you write:

   Has anybody on the list Stonegarded an Audi?  I am expecting delivery of
 an A4 within a few weeks, and was interested in the process.  I would
 like to avoid the chipping that I have heard several persons complain
 about, but I am not to keen on the car bra.  I ran into a few surprises
 though researching the Stonegard process.
 	-I live in Annapolis MD, and a call to Stonegard revealed that
 there is nobody that Stonegard recognizes as an authorized applier in
 Maryland, or Virginia.
 	-The Stonegard operator said to just ask a local window tinter to
 do the application as the process is similar.  (seems like an expensive
 gamble, the film is over $300 for the A4)
   I would love to know what experiences people have with this product, and
 how you went about having it applied.  (according to Stonegard, the only
 people that they have so far are local to Washington State)  Any info
 would be appreciated.
 Philip Waggoner
 1997 Audi A4 1.8TQ (Manual) Brilliant Yellow