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Re: A4: V6 or 1.8 Turbo

No first hand Saab experience, but I've definitely got an opinion on this

Audi plus points: Styling (subjective ++) - IMHO Saabs look dull & boring.
                  Quality - the A4 feels like a Rolex - I derive a LOT of
                            pleasure from this after an Aussie GM car.
                  Handling - especially with quattro in slippery stuff.
                  QUATTRO: the clincher IMHO
Saab plus points: Proudly individual engineering (sort of European Subaru)                        Quirky flavour - once acquired apparently addictive if
                      Saab owner loyalty anything to go by.
                  Interior room in rear seat and boot - but roof box for rare
                      occasions when A4 boot not big enough solves this.

Audi owners seem to derive pleasure from the understated refined quality of 
their cars quietly smug that the rest of the world is blissfully ignorant of
what great cars Audis are - (compare the BMW/Merc crowd shouting at everyone
about how GREAT their cars are and the rest of the automotive world are
financially-challenged plebes)

Saab owners derive a lot of pleasure from the knowledge that their cars are
designed with a uniqueness of engineering and ergonomics based on Saab's
fiercely individualistic philosophy - being a bit diluted these days by
being part of the GM empire.

Both great cars but very different flavours - if quattro is not an issue
it's a hard choice on coldly rational grounds, but if you're considering
either of these cars you're probably not coldly rational, so the choice
should be easily sorted out after a tasting.

1.8T or 2.8? - if its not the new 30V 2.8 definitely go for the 1.8T. Its
far more tuneable, exciting and economical. If performance enhancements are 
not contemplated the 2.8 30V would be the way to go. Smoother and much better
light throttle response. However in this country about 12% more money!!

Last weekend I travelled 500kms over winding traffic free B roads at 120-160
kph - automotive heaven. The handling of the A4 was awesome - mid corner
bumps at high speed have no effect at all and the steering is incredibly
accurate and viceless. Many have said its a bit lifeless - I think this is
a direct result of its accuracy and precision - there are no kickbacks
from the road therefore appears to lack feel. Once you realise this you 
develop tremendous admiration for the precise way the car responds to steering
inputs. If high speed driving pleasure and safety is a priority the A4 quattro
can have few peers at the price. I doubt if the Saab would come close.

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> Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:45:16 -0700
> Subject: A-4 :V-6 or 1.8 Turbo
> Folks:
> My office mate just came back from the Denver Auto show and is faced with a 
> dilema. He's looking at either a Saab 900 with the 2.3 liter four or an Audi 
> A-4.
> The Audi is his "sporty" choice but he is being drawn by the apparent 
> practicality of the Saab.
> He posed a question to me that I couldn,t answer. What's the weight to HP of the 
> Audi V-6, the Audi 1.8turbo, and the Saab 2.3.
> One of my own questions relates to the reliability (longevity) of either the V-6 
> or the 1.8.
> Any opinions out there would be apppreciated. First person acounts of why either 
> one was chosen would be nice. 

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
'96 A4 1.8Tq manual MTM 187hp