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Re: 90 90q 20v redline top speed

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sargent Schutt say:
> > the speedo was showing 143 MPH.

Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> That's about right. Judging from Angela's 20V, I think redline top
> speed is about 145-150.

Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> indicated 139.   As close as I can figure,
> the speedo at the time was good for about 3-4% error.  Yes, the car will go
> that fast..or faster....especially in Montana...

	Really?  What are the applicable #s(weight, cd, hp, redline, etc.) for
that car? In my '86 CGT with mods that should put it around 125-130 HP
and with 195/60s instead of stock 185/60s, I have only hit 126 MPH on my
digital dash(IOW reading exactly 126) at around 5600 RPMs(I don't quite
remember) with my 10 valve I-5. Is the 20V I-5 that much more powerful,
or is the coef. of drag that much less, or, as I imagine the answer will
be, is the combination of those two so great that it is able to overcome
the extra weight(the 20V 90 must weigh more than my CGT)? Just
wondering...~140(especially 150) seems a little too fast...?