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Re: Sunroof parts needed

Jonathan Monetti wrote:
> Hey gang-
> Anyone have available sunroof parts?  My 86 Coupe needs the weatherstripping as well
> as the plastic "grenade pin" release on the left side (broke it the other day--was
> rather brittle).  In fact, I could use both side pins.  They don't look like they're
> easy to remove, so I'll probably end up acquiring the whole latch assemblies.  Haven't
> even begun to call dealers or parts houses, but I bet I won't like what I find out, re
> price & availability.
> Any spare parts laying around?
> Jonathan Monetti
> 86 Coupe GT, 83k
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> If you ever see me in a Honda, for God sakes, shoot me.
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I have a 1984 Coupe GT and if I remember correctly, I replaced the
sunroof pins for about $15 from the dealer.  In fact the original ones
were plastic and they had new ones that had metal internals so they
would not break.  They also should just screw right off.  You may need
the aid of a set of pliers.  Can't help you on the weatherstripping. 
Best bet would be to check the bone yards.  Try Audionly at
audionly@aol.com or look on the part vendor list for his phone #.  He
buys parts from Audi suppliers plus has a bone yard.