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Speed Governing- Need your opinion

I would like your opininion regarding the fact that all Audis, BMWs and
almost all Mercedeses are nowadays speed governed in the US. It makes me
sick. Take the Audi A8 4.2 Q for example. I visited the European Audi site
(www.audi.de) a few weeks ago and found out that it had a top speed of
155mph. WOW! , I thought, what a great car. Imagine my suprise when I saw
that the US version was governed to 130. Now 25mph may not make much
difference since the US still has ridiculous speed limits but the thought
that the fuel gets shut off at 130mph just because you bought the car in the
US, angers me. I mean, a 4.2L 300HP engine governed to 130mph!! But the
biggest joke is the governing of the BMW 750iL, a V12 322HP monster. For
some reason, almost all BMWs are governed to 128mph. So is the 750iL. A car
that easily hits 155 back in Europe. Please share your thoughts on this. The
speed governor somehow drives me away from buying a German car. One last
thought: None of the Swedish cars sold here(volvos, saabs) are governed. Go