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Re: Totalled my 5ktq wagon!

In a note dated 3/11/97 you write:

<<For tonight, I took out the third Pacific Northwest turbo Quattro wagon in
as many months.>><snip>
First off let me say how glad I am to hear you are okay!!! Next, say it ain't
so!!! I am sorry about this...touches me as an 87 tqwagon was my favorite car
of all I ever owned. I see in the e-page classifieds there is a 91 in
Portland priced reasonably...might want to check it out. Again, glad to hear
you're okay...another testimonial that seatbelts and solid engineering beat
bags of (200mph) wind in sketchy mechanical designs...just sad to see another
go in such short time-but it gave its life for yours!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq