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Who gave the Reference on

 -=> Quoting Sean Ford<=-

 SF> I just returned from Brentwood Motorcars in Brighton, MA. I choose
 SF> Brentwood after reading the entry in the mechanics list on the Quattro

     Henry was the manager or Beaconwood Motors before they
     were bought out and shut down. Henry knows his stuff,
     especially on the BMW's. They also subscribe to the
     full AllData software so they rarely get stuck when it
     comes to technical info.   Your car is in good hands,
     plus, if you have some time check out the Lotus's and
     Ferrari's across the street. (I think they've got one
     of those new Bugatti's in there this week.) One thing
     though, they do the job right..and charge accordingly.

     I do all my own work, and Henry's been nice enough to
     loan me a manual or two, or look up obscure info on
     Alldata. I don't make it a habit though.



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