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Re: 83urq Water Temp too High

>I was thinking.......
>On the 83urq, the water temp acts normally (i.e. the thermostat opens
>and closes) during normal driving, but after a 20minute rungroup
>on track, it seems quite high (I think I remember 240F-250F).
>At the end of last season I asked the list, and got several responses
>that said, essentially "don't worry about it".
>Well, now I am close to deciding to change the K26 to a water cooled
>K24 turbo, and I say, hey wait a minute, that's going to add even
>more heat load to the coolant.
>What should I/ can I do to improve the cooling (remember the thermostat
>is fully open, so changing to a lower temp one won't do anything).
>What radiator service/ mods/ etc are to be considered? 
>Airflow ducting changes?
>Redline Water Wetter (despite the brown balls)?

What you need to do is cool your oil.....  Bet your oil temps are up 
around 300F (Hope your running syn. oil!)  Try to go with a 3 row rad too 
if you can.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO