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speed governing

In message <> Bob Davis writes:

> The 155 limit's got to be electronic.

It is.  Even in Germany, though, there are few places where you can exceed 
120 mph for long.  A lot of the Autobahns have speed limits for environmental 
reasons (noise as well as other pollution), or because three narrow lanes have 
been created out of two wide ones (like around Cologne), or because there's no 
hard shoulder for a broken down vehicle to pull on to (like in the Kasseller 
Bergen) and so on.  Even where the road is theoretically derestricted, you have 
to watch traffic and above all anything with Belgian plates.  You're typically 
reacting to events a mile ahead and looking in your mirror (I was once timed 
for ten minutes) roughly every seven seconds.
And, BTW, there are high-speed police patrols, too, often in unmarked cars.
There's a lot to do when travelling at serious speed on a public road.  It 
takes a lot of concentration and is inordinately tiring.  Even the drivers of 
the very top-of-the-range cars rarely exceed 135 mph for long.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club