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Urq. Indicator Electrical Problems

I am currently experiencing a problem with my '83 Urq. which one of the
listers alluded to recently.

It occurs sporadically, but every time I drive the car at some point, in
the form of a drastic hesitation and drop in the Rev. Counter when I engage
the indicators, left or right.  The weird thing is that it happens as the
indicator is engaged and then settles back to "normal" ie revs come back up
and hesitation goes away, however a number of the dash warning lights
illuminate partially (eg battery, seat belts).  The other thing that drives
me crazy is that it is not consistent.  One minute it is doing it, the next
it is fine??

The obvious thing is a short, but I have examined the wires in the trunk
and the those coming in from the front bumper without any sign of
insulation damage.  I have also diassembled the stalk/switches on the
steering column and cannot see any sign of anything out of place. No fuses
appear to be affected, and the under dash area looks OK.

Any similar experience/ideas before I go completely berserk!!

Thanks guys.

John C.