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Re: 1990 V8Q: driver's door key won't unlock/lock door

I presently have the same problem. Iím still waiting on a new (used)
door handle (from German). The problem can be one of two things:

1. the connecting pin holding the backing piece on the lock fell off  -
solution: take the door apart, find the piece that came off and
re-attach it.

2. More likely (as in my case) the cast metal lock-gear broke and you
have to order a new door handle (or used).

In either case, you must remove the entire door panel, including the
window glass/frame in order to get at the inside of the handle. It is
then only visible behind a thin (~5 mm) piece of foam rubber. Remove the
foam and you will see the innards of the door handle. Any door lock from
an 89-91 200q, 90+ V8 should fit. Remove your lock core and install it
in your new handle. Re install the handle, re-assemble the door, and
youíre back in action.

Good luck! HTH


91 200q TAP
86 5ktq IA