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Re: ur-q konis

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  anyone out there put koni's on their ur-q and wants to talk about it?
  '93 s2
  '90 ur-q
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My drives of all different modded Urq's brought me these notes to my pentium,
Dave (n=15 or so).  Urq's with gas shocks can be lowered and not get the
dreaded bump steer.  Every Urq with lowered springs I drove with hydraulic
shocks (even the covetted Sport wheels linear 1/2 in drop Eibachs), smacked
the bump stops on full compression.  EVERY ONE with hydraulics.  To date, the
most impressive Urq setup I drove was on Dave Lawsons green machine.  It has
specially valved Bilsteins, with the SW Eibachs.  Very nice ride.  I know of
only 3 gas shock applications for the Urq, 2 are custom built (Bilsteins

I did find that hydraulic shocks work very well on a stock set of springs,
makes you think that's what the manufacturers designed them for.  My plan is
to use hydraulics on the stock suspension (externally adjustable) for a
baseline before changing the spring rates.


'87 5ktqRS2
'87 5ktqw
'84 Urq
85 FJ1100 (almost time)