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Re: Konis for an ur-q

     I've done a bit of research in to this, and to be honest there are as 
     many opinions out there as there are possible spring/shock 
     FWIW I've decided on Eibachs/Konis for my '83 ur-q, I already have the 
     Eibachs and pick the Konis up on the weekend. Unfortunately I won't be 
     able to tell you how the car handles for several months (much work 
     still to be done). 
     I like the adjustability the Koni's offer over the Boge's. The 
     Bilsteins need to be revalved to change their stiffness (and are tres 
     expensive). Unfortunately Koni don't yet have top adjustables 
     available for the ur-q so you have to remove the struts and fully 
     compress the shocks to change their setting.
     I'd be interested if you could forward to me any posts on the subject 
     that don't reach the list.
     Thanks and regards, Mike
     p.s. Have you tried the RS2 yet?