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RE: A4 delivery, my dealer is sucks!

The fine folks in Germany provide an updated status for all US orders
every Friday - usually available to dealers Saturday morning.

1. Ask your salesman for the Request Number for your order - mine has an
E followed by 5 digits.

2. Ask your salesman for the current status code letter (A-J I believe
are the choices).

3. Call your dealer every Monday for an update.

The status codes I think I have figured out are:

C - pending production
D - scheduled for production
E - in production, VIN assigned

My order, placed December 3rd, moved from C to D 2 weeks ago and has not
changed since.


Mark E. Kraieski
Director, Enterprise Product Development
TransQuest, Inc.    404/773-8537

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<frustration of US Audi ordering process and lack of info>
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