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Subject: 90 90q 20v redline top speed

First thing...Redline on the tach in my 90 90Q20v is just over 7,000
              According to the photo that was taken at an indicated 140mph
(actual about 135)
              the tach read 6200.....
              This would make top speed at redline (7K) about 152mph.

               (one person, full load of camping gear, I lied yesterday....
                to avoid flames..I took the picture..prefocused camera and
snapped it
               forget it, my nomex is already on)

               I don't think the car can do it unless it's going downhill
or driving
               very close to true magnetic north.

               I've seen a legit 142..cool day..no winds.

>>(Phil Payne) was saying:
>>>>In message <970311164649_1283956209@emout12.mail.aol.com> MSV96@aol.com

>>>> It is pretty well known that cars like ours (your Coupe GT, my
>>>> 4ksq, and ur-q's) hit an aerodynamic brick wall that takes massive hp
to > overcome (I >>>>think this is around 125-130 mph...any ur-q owners
know from > experience?).

Then he said:

>>I've seen 147 mph.  Someone else in the UK Club reported about the same
in a long article >>about "How to buy a quattro" that I think I posted

>>Subject: speed governing

>>There's a lot to do when travelling at serious speed on a public road.
It takes a lot of >>concentration and is inordinately tiring.  Even the
drivers of the very top-of-the-range >>cars rarely exceed 135 mph for long.

I couldn't agree more about this.  Although I don't do this sort of thing
but once a year or so out in the western US there is a world of difference
between 80 and 110 and 130.  I
had the opportunity to drive just over 100 miles in one hour last Fall and
when I
dismounted I don't mind telling you that I was exhausted from the
concentration and
fatigued to the point of minor shakes.  I can't recommend this from a
safety point of
view and I probably shouldn't have done it, but I did learn some extra
respect for

Have Fun..Be Safe