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Re: Should I buy an A4

Elizabeth Monacelli,
Yes Yes Yes.....
My wife and I bought one (for her car) after looking at many different 
cars I steered her toward the A4 and she fell in love at first sight!!!
1. Gas mileage on the 1.8t is much better than V62.8
   Mileage on quattros is worse than FWD. If you are concerned about 
mileage buy the 1.8t without quattro. If you live in a snowy area buy 
the quattro!!
2. Service included for 3 years. Warranty is excellent.
3. This is our first Audi and we both love it (I am a 50yr old gearhead 
with a 350hp Toyota Supra in the garage).
4. Save yourself a lot of time..just go drive it!!!

P.S. the motoring press generally love this car and cannot say enough 
good things about it!

Good luck

Phil C.