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Question on N.J. Ticket

I'll try to clear this question up.  

Michael R. Douglas wrote:

> What is a "Failure to inspect vehicle" ticket????  I live in Florida and
> I don't beleive we have somthing like that here!!!
> --
> Michael R. Douglas
> Saint Petersburg, Florida
> 1986 Audi 5000CS Turbo with 1.4 Boost...
I'll be more specific.  In New Jersey, owners must have thier vehicles
inspected by an approved state facility(i.e.-inspection station or
mechanic), once a year.  Generally, this has to be completed the same
time the vehicle registration is renewed.  If the vehicle passes
inspection, a sticker is placed into the lower corner of the front
windshield on the drivers side.  The sticker displays the month(a large
number in the middle), and year(represented by smaller numbers and by
color) of the expiration.  If a New Jersey registered vehicle is
operated on the roadways either with an expired inspection sticker or no
sticker, the operator can be issued a "failure to inspect" vehicle
ticket.  Each state is different, and some states don't even require
vehicles to be inspected.  If you don't need to have your vehicle
inspected, then don't worry about this ticket.
I hope this is a little more clear, and if it isn't, send me a question.
Take care,
Steve Adams
Long Beach Island, N.J.
'88 90Q