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RE: 4KCSQ and bearings . . . .

John, I suggest you check with TAP on the pricing on a Scorpion exhaust for 
a 4kq.  TAP retails the complete cat back system for $795USD and they are 
the USA distributor.  I love mine but its not a cheap exhaust.

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Mausoof_Saqib@hpmail1.90.deere.com,.Internet writes:
>Q2) Exhausts cost around $345, can I get a Scorpio or something on a
>4kCSQ, how much would that cost? about 300, for a custom job, some
>places even offer lifetime warranty, check around, I did it and I love

>Q4) What is a cheap place to get door handles? Someone mentioned GPR,
>what exactly is that? I paid about 30 for mine, but heard through the
>grapevine that is you say Volkswagon instead of Audi, the price is cut
>in half....


85 4ksq
90 100
93 90cs