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Re: Sticky Lifter solution(s)??

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:

> ... drive to drive is 1 hour.

<genuflecting> I feel as Dilbert in the presence of Techno-Bill.  Took
me 4 or 5, much of the time in contemplation.  Excuses follow: (on
second thought, who cares?).  I did get the IC really clean, though.

> Dist timing:  If you are one of the unlucky ones with the rivet still
> installed...
> Forget drilling that rivet, a cutting wheel is needed.

Drilling worked ok, had a sharp bit and used a punch to center the
drill.   The Dremel and a cold chisel would have been Plan B.

Wish I'd been on the qlist at the time to ask Osman's question!  (And if
he's still following this, remember to replace the gaskets and front oil
seal.)  Hope not to mess w/ this too soon on the V8, although it might
be an excuse to....