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RE: Speed Governing- Need your opinion

On Wed, 12 Mar 1997, J. Stevens wrote:
> introduced this concept to an M3 owner on the way back from Palm Springs.  I
> wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on his face when the LS400 I
> was driving kept on going after he hit the limiter.

I always assumed the LS400 was governed at a bit over 115mph.  I guess the
driver of the one I was "pacing" just backed off about then. My poor lil'
90Q just kept
pulling(very slowly) to ~135mph when the rev limiter ruined my fun...
Note: of course there were no small children/furry critters/low-flying
birds/cars(besides the LS400)/stalled garbage trucks/family of ducks
crossing/ and police nazis in/on/around the road.  Oh yea, I took a
picture at an indicated ~125mph (different time, no racecar Lexus around)
and the MPG display read something like ~14mpg! I really question the
accuracy of that thing now!

Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

1988 90Q G60's, 2.5 cat back, coil-overs, other junk...
(needs a turbo...and a bumper!)