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Aux. gauges in '84 Ur-q

Would really like a bit more info than just the stock fuel and boost gauge
gives me.  Would like to add at least a temp. gauge and a real Boost gauge,
would'nt mind oil pres. either.  Has any body done this in a nice clean
fashion that does not require drilling holes in the dash.  I know ABT has a
console but I was told that it will not work on the '84 and it also costs
$325.00 with out gauges.  I was thinking about using the cubby hole to the
left of the steering column but the gauges would not very easy to read there.
 Thanks for any insight.

'87 5KTQ (IA stage II, Fuchs Wheels, Euro Headlights)
'84 Ur-q (Tap Box, 8" Wheels, Springs, Bushings, Big Exhaust)