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Re: Aux. gauges in '84 Ur-q

Sonar465@aol.com wrote:
> ...temp gauge...Boost gauge...oil pres
> ...does not require drilling holes in the dash. 
> ...thinking about using the cubby hole to the left...

I wanted more gauges, but I didn't want to look in the
cubby hole on the left, so I:

Took the base of a dark brown plastic CD case, installed
FOUR gauges to the right of the dash (Volt/Wtemp/Otemp/Opress),
looks pretty stock, really. Velcroed to the dash, no holes)

Then I took out the radio, and installed a 3hole Zender
part ($25 for a flat black piece of plastic (too much)),
and installed 0-30psi boost/K&N lean-rich/ExhGasTemp.

All except the K&N are VDO.

The EGT isn't hooked up yet, as the probe they gave me is too long
to fit in the exhaust manifold. ANYBODY HAVE A SOURCE for a shorter