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Re: Speed Governing- Need your opinion

     I'm sure the governor has something to do with lawyers, and 
     OTOH, I bet you $20 a stock A8 can't hit 130mph by the end of the 
     (rather fast entry) back straight at Watkins Glen, so I don't think 
     it's a real-world issue.  (I'm not much of a gambler, or I'd bet 
     more.)  If you find a racetrack where it's a problem, then disable the 
     governor.  I'm sure you'll have already hopped the car up by the time 
     you get good enough to get that fast.  Please don't test your speed 
     governor on public roads in my neck of the woods (New England, where 
     speed limits are still preposterously low, less than half your car's 
     governed speed.)
     Jack Rich