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RE: Top speed and vehicle weight

A good example of this can be found in the motorcycle world where weight
is very low, relative horsepower very high, yet top speeds are somewhat
embarrassing. Aerodynamic drag is the culprit. Great 0-60 (MPH) and
0-100 times though...

I would add that technically, vehicle weight does have some effect on
top speed. Aerodynamic drag is the biggest factor but rolling resistance
comes into play as well and increases in proportion to weight. Take 4
overweight buddies and a few sacks of gravel on your next top speed run
and I predict you'll notice a decline.

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>Subject: 	Top speed and vehicle weight
>I hate to sound like an engineer here, but several postings discussing 
>the top speed of the 90 or others referred to the weight of the 
>vehicle. While the mass of the car is important when considering 
>acceleration, handling, and deceleration, it does not affect the top 
>speed. Top speed is really only a function of aerodynamic drag (which 
>is low for the 90) and available power or gearing (depending on 
>whether the car is drag limited or rpm limited).
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