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Need help fix Audi V8

In message <3328AD1B.37F0@ja2.so-net.or.jp> Seiji Yokoi writes:

> I own an Audi Quattro V8 4.2-litter (left hand drive), which is 4 years old but 
> runs only (20,000 Km)and suffering following problems, and I need a help to fix 
> these problems.
> 1.  When driving on a little bumpy road, I can hear a rattling noise around left 
> rear around wheel housing.  I have checked exhaust muffler, and left rear 
> suspension, however noting seems to be loosen, or fix improperly fix.

I suggest you look at the rear brake caliper mounting bolts.
Try the following test - ask a friend to stand by the car and listen close to 
where the noise is coming from.
Start the car moving forward very gently, and brake to a stop.  2 to 3 mph 
will do.  Then drive it backwards and brake.  If the carrier bolts are worn, 
your friend (and perhaps even you) will hear a sharp "click" from the brakes.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club