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Re: quattro-digest V4 #459

Christian wrote:
>OK, I've had a bad night..........................................

>I was at the gas station filling up the Coupe Q with super unleaded and
>suddenly the gas hose burst where it mounts to the pump,,,,which is 4 feet
>above and 2 feet over from my car.  SO, I find myself being showered by
>gasoline at high pressure....this is not good.
[snip.. horrific tale]
>NOW, the regional manager of the gas station is going to call me tomarrow,
>what should I ask for?  The interior smells a little like gas, and I washed
>the hell out of the Coupe and think I saved the paint (I will know for sure
>in the morning).  I will probably ask for a paint detail and a steam clean of
>the interior.  What do you all think?

The LAST thing I would worry about is your car.  Get a lawyer, and FAST.
Gasoline is very toxic.  Exposure to that much gas can cause serious health
problems which may not show up for YEARS.  See a medical specialist who
deals with toxic material exposure.  Gasoline is a known to harm the skin,
eye, lung, and liver, as well as being carcinogenic.  There is NO EXCUSE
for that hose having broken.  It is the duty of the station to keep all of
their equipment functioning in a safe mannor.  I would not settle this for
a long time.  I would wait and see how or if I was affected.