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Re: Reply: Aux gauges in UrQ

CHRISTOPHER BENDER asks about the ABT gauge housing:

>      I personally put the offer on the table that I will pay for this
>      housing (new or used), plus shipping, plus a little for your trouble,
>      to anyone who could help me, if the total expense is not outrageously
>      high.  Again, I have an 86 4000Q, and my dash is black, so I would
>      like to match that.


I hate to have to tell you, but the ABT housing was designed for the
older, more angular dashes found in the Ur-q's and 80-84 4k's.  I don't
think it would fit your '86 dash, and even if it did, it would look very

But since we are on the topic, does anyone know where I can find one of
these gems for my '84 4K?  I'll give up the ducting if I have to, but
I'd rather save it in case I need to further expand the gauges.



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