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Re: Reply: Aux gauges in UrQ

>      I have heard that in Germany, where the 4000 (80) was used as a taxi, 
>      Audi made a available a "pod" in which to mount the taxi fair meter.  
>	...
>      Anyway, I had heard that you can simply get one of those, and instead 
>      of putting a taxi fair meter in it, you can put make a flat panel of 
>      the right size, and pop a few round holes in it for some gauges.
>	...
>      high.  Again, I have an 86 4000Q, and my dash is black, so I would 

It won't fit your late style dash.  The instrument cluster cover piece
you describe will fit only 1980-1984 4000 series cars with the early style
dash.  I have one in my 80 4000.

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