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V8 Quattro, 1990

Hi folks.  

A recent advert. in a local paper has me thinking. "'90 V8 Quattro, auto, all 
options, black, 50K miles, exceptional condition. $13,900 firm."  This strikes 
me as a pretty good price for this car, *if* it is as advertised. I called the 
fellow; he's not the original owner, doesn't know if the front brakes are 
stock or not ("UFOs"), says everything works.   Now, I have had it in mind 
that if I were to upgrade from my current '89 100Q, I'd keep my eyes open for 
the much talked about '91 200Q 20-valve.   I hadn't really had the V8 in mind.  
Could anyone with knowledge/experience with both models answer a few quick 
questions I have?

- Is this a good/fair price?
- What was the original list price? Edmunds says $38K, this guy thinks $58K.
- What is the stock bhp rating? (a couple more than my 100Q, huh.)
- V8 or 20V200, V8 or 20V200, V8 or 20V200???  Any big reasons to go for one Q 
over the other?

*If* I do a look-over and test drive, my next step will be a pre-purchase 
inspection at the local Audi dealer.  Thanks much in advance for any advice 

Frank M.
'89 100Q
'88 Mazda 323 GTX