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Re: Ugly (and not working 4K) Climate Controls

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>To alter the subject just a little, what can be done, if anything, about
the heater/ventilation(or more appropriately lack of) controls in a 4K or
Coupe.  Does any lister have a suggestion, an idea, or experience with

Here is what I want to do when I have time...

Remove the original control unit and replace it with a nice blank (wood?)
fascia with the following controls:

1.  The original fan switch (o-1-2-3-4, works fine, easy to use)
2.  Replace the clumsy floor/dash & dash/defrost sliders with three manual
choke type controls (I think my car uses all mechanical, no vacuum lines
here), one for each air destination.  Pull to open, push to close.
3.  Replace the (hidden) vacuum switch that opens and closes the
recirculation flap with a simple manual control - on/off or maybe a
mechanical variable (like the vent choice controls).  I currently have
carved out a bit of the temp control cam device to close the recirculation
flap when I select full heat.  It works but it's a bit limiting.  I'd rather
have the choice.  It only used to close under A/C selection.
4.  replace the heater valve control with another manual choke type knob -
pull for hot, push for cold (and in between...) or *maybe* a round dial
pointer type from an old 5000, to match the fan speed switch.

These knobs would be black or very dark brown, or wood.  I would want to
inscribe some cryptic universal symbols on them to ease operation by other

Very twenties, very functional.  I will probably try to replumb the center
flap, which is cold fresh (or recirculated) air only, to run with the outer
dash vents.   Now if only I could get more heat out the darn thing!

I know this is probably a bit further afield than you were looking for, but
it will also let me re-engineer the disassembly process to simplify removing
the (wood and leather?) center console in future as well.

PS did I mention the A/C is long gone on this car?

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers

Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science....