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Free '84 4kQ

So I was working away at my desk this friday afternoon, as I am
prone to do, when I get's a call, as I am prone to do.  It's 
fellow named Marco,and I wanted to say Polo! but held my tongue.
He goes on to tell me about a 4KQ that he has, and tells me 
how he got it for $500.00, it threw a rod, and he has to
unload it quick, cause he is moving.  He want to have me take
it away.  Well it just happens that I am putting together parts
to build up a turbo motor using the KURQFH pistons and crank,
and I have been looking for a car to put it into.  Ding!  

So I tell's him I would like to take this little red 4 door
off his hands and proceed to write down name and number.
AAA should have it delivered via flatbed by about 6 sunday.

Me thinks me has a new project!  :-)  :-)  :-)

I will be looking for some underhood parts for this project.
Specifically, I will be wanting parts off a MC motor such as:

10 valve head
intake manifold
throttle vavle
fuel metering unit
fuel lines

If you have some of this stuff laying around, I am interested.

paul timmerman