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Re: My Quattro was doused by 40 gallons of gasoline!!!!!!

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> OK, I've had a bad night..........................................
> I was at the gas station filling up the Coupe Q with super unleaded and
> suddenly the gas hose burst where it mounts to the pump,,,,which is 4 feet
> above and 2 feet over from my car.  SO, I find myself being showered by
> gasoline at high pressure....this is not good.
> I start screaming to the intercom for them to shut off the gas, and after not
> understanding my screaming and pointing for about 120 seconds, the attendant
> figures out that something is not right at pump #7.  Then the attendant tells
> me she doesn't know where the pump cut off is (hello, OSHA, did you hear that
> one!).  After searching for another 90-120 seconds, I FIND THE SWITCH!  Once
> the gas was finally switched off, I seen my car SOAKING WET IN GAS, and my
> girlfriend Breeze still in the car looking puzzled at me.  So, i see her sit
> in the drivers seat and try and start it (she didn't quite know what had
> happened.  I started screaming: DON'T TURN ON THE CAR!  Finally she heard
> me....
> For the next hour, I was at the gas station washing my car, while I was
> supposed to me at MY BIRTHDAY dinner!  The fire department showed up and made
> a big deal about it all and told me I was lucky to be alive (I don't think it
> was that bad).
> NOW, the regional manager of the gas station is going to call me tomarrow,
> what should I ask for?  The interior smells a little like gas, and I washed
> the hell out of the Coupe and think I saved the paint (I will know for sure
> in the morning).  I will probably ask for a paint detail and a steam clean of
> the interior.  What do you all think?
> THanks
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> 1990 Coupe Quattro WITH AWFUL GAS MILAGE NOW!!
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I say a large sum of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! 
You are lucky to be Alive after all that gas> Its really not a good idea
to bath in the stuff. 

   Talk to a lawyer today!!! Dont wait and Dont settle for any thing

  Marty S.