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Well it's a few days shy of the first day of spring and here in the cozy NE
corner of Iowa we get 8 inches of wet snow followed by sleet, followed by
freezing rain, followed by 7 more inches of snow.  Yummy!

My neighbor with his v6/5spd Firebird can't even pull away from the curb.

When I left for work this AM with at least a foot of crusty stuff in the
driveway,  and after the street had been plowed, I locked the rear diff, and
backed out into the street (briskly, since a little momentum helps a lot).
 It snows a couple more inches during the day, the plows make another pass up
my street, neighbor's Firebird nowhere in sight.  I return home, stop, open
garage door, lock diff and scoot up the driveway and into the garage.  

The Coupe GT is an amorphous white mound in the driveway, but the 200qw is
safe and warm indoors.  

Ahhh, Quattro...