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Re: 15" wheels for Coupe GT, not gaudy

> As for the gaudy comment:
> Clarification: I was referring to the combination of Alpine white and red
> leather, not the red leather itself.  The red leather with graphite seems to
> be a better combo to my eyes....

	Never seen an example of the Graphite Comm. Design CGT. I would very
much like to see one and if there is a lister owning one in the North
Shore area of MA, e-mail me. I will reserve judgement until I do see
one, but think the red/black combination would be too weird of a match
and do not like Coupes painted in black anyway. As a matter of fact, in
my opinion Coupes do not look that great in any other color than Alpine
> To be honest, the one I looked at many years ago was the first Coupe GT
> I had ever looked at and yes, at first I thought it was a bit gaudy.

	Read my rebuttal again, you'll see that at first I also thought it was
too much.

>  Actually my first comment after seeing the car with the combination of the
> white/red and the digital dash was that it looked like a german Cadillac. 

	Don't judge a book by its cover!

> So now I have Alpine white with white leather interior, white mirrors, white
> spoiler, white wheels (the stock rims anyway) and white side window frame
> surrounds.  What do you think of that combo?  ;-P
> 87 GT Coupe ........ white, white, white, white, and uh, white...

	Actually, I'm glad you ask, because I was going to answer but not in a
positive manner. That combo to me seems more like a Cadillac than the
Alpine White Comm. Design, but I cannot imagine anyone but Sonny Crocket
driving it thru the streets of Miami. Go figure?!?  ;)

					Allan ..Just my opinions....