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Gasoline Bath

In regards to Christian Long's gasoline bath, I spoke to my dear bride (who
is also a lawyer - personal injury type - not with State as P.D. any more)
and she feels very strongly that Christian should NOT quickly settle
_anything_ with the gas company.

(Kevin Barry, Esq. also agrees - from digest)

Christian, you are one lucky SOB to even be around to consider suing them!
And so is your girl friend! You've now had free legal advice from two
lawyers, and both have said the same thing: "Sign nothing. Settle nothing.
Get legal help. Do so NOW."

Possible issues: 
        1. Overhead gas dispensing hose inherently unsafe design (by your
own direct experience), liability on part of manufacturer and their products
liability insurance, plus liability of gas company and their insurance.
        2. Inadequate training of employee who didn't know where the
emergency shutoff was - don't these people know how dangerous gasoline can be?
        3. A whole raft of EPA problems, State inspector problems (gas pumps
are inspected by the state of FL), etc.
        4. Did I forget the manufacturer of the hose that burst? They could
also be liable.
        5. Medical issues in future need to be addressed.
        6. Present damages - (I think a new A-8 for each of you might be a
good start.)

Believe me, I'm no friend of litigation, but I think you have a valid case,
and further, but for the grace of God (and I'm not religious), this could
have had a very different ending!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman