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Re: Broken Injector Sleve on A100 2.2.

At 19:18 14/03/97 PST, you wrote:
>> The problem is the sleve for injector 1 is broken, and I cannot remove it.
>> I have tried with a 12mm hex socket, and have probably rounded it.  Any
>> ideas or past expreiences that might help?
>Hmmm. If your 2.2 is the same as the one in my '87 4kq (with a little
>bracket that bolts to the valve cover), they just pull out--it has nothing
>to do with any nuts. I was confused about this, too. I just clamped
>vice-grips on the "nut" portion (with now VC, otherwise remove the bracket)
>and did the "twist ~n~ pull! C'mon C'mon baby now . . . work it on out."
>If you already have the injector out and I'm misunderstanding the problem,
>that's easy too. The injector did not have to be disassembled to R&R the
>seals. New seals were $1.75 each (the old ones basically broke off like
>glass when coerced). They just slide (well, perhaps slide is a little
>optimistic. Anyway, the can be _put_ on) on over the injector. It looks
>like they'll never fit, but I've BTDTx5. Be careful not to wreck the tiny
>o-ring right on the end. Lube them with white lithium for the install; they
>"pop" back in to the groove.

Whoops, should have said that mine is the 1982 model, and has screw in
seats, that the injectors push fit into. I beleive that the earlier 80/4000s
did this, as do the VW Golf/Jettas.  The problem is that I can't actually
grip it from outside the cylinder head, and I'll only be able to grip it
from inside.  I don't really want to gave to take the inlet manifould off,
and break it up, for risk of getting lumps of plastic in the cylinder, and
spending alot of time for something so simple.  

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