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Re: Koni for Ur-Q

>Hollow tube Koni conversions hold up as good as all other hollow tube 
>aplications made for competition by such names as Bilstein, Dynamic 
>Suspention, Ohlins and Proflex. Little people like us can sometimes 
>afford Proflex. All of these manufacturers use hollow tube to attach 
>external nitrogen cylinder to their units. None of their systems fail 
>even in severe competition. I don't see how Koni is different. I think 
>they stand by their products. I have seen people use hollow tube Koni in 
>autocross without any problems. However they are not acceptable for 

PLEASE look at the bending forces involved in a Macstrut especially the 
Audi MacStrut.  Koni will not do the mod on an Audi app neither will any 
other decent Strut maker.  Been there looked at that.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO