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Re: gasoline bath

>From: Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com>
>In regards to Christian Long's gasoline bath, I spoke to my dear bride (who
>is also a lawyer - personal injury type - not with State as P.D. any more)
>and she feels very strongly that Christian should NOT quickly settle
>_anything_ with the gas company.
>Christian, you are one lucky SOB to even be around to consider suing them!
>And so is your girl friend! You've now had free legal advice from two
>lawyers, and both have said the same thing: "Sign nothing. Settle nothing.
>Get legal help. Do so NOW."
>Believe me, I'm no friend of litigation, but I think you have a valid case,
>and further, but for the grace of God (and I'm not religious), this could
>have had a very different ending!

Um, yes, and I'm afraid that we wouldn't have read about it on the Q
list...it would have made the evening news. 

You're lucky to be alive. Sue the idiots for all they've got...buy yourself
a nice new A8 with *some* of the proceeds. Cripes, if a woman can sue for
spilling coffee in her crotch, or the *estate* of some kid can get millions
cos the kid's bicycle didn't have lights (it *did* have warning labels not
to ride at night without lights!)...

If you sue, and win (and you will), the problems you ran into have a
greater likelihood of getting fixed.

Just my .02.

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