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Names: shorter -Reply -Reply

Well Phil, it's very nearly your ancestors' fault.  To make a loonng story very
short: the first Scruggs to come to the new world came in 1635, had only
daughters and name died out.  Second one in late 1600s, from Bedfordshire, had
only sons, one of which married a German girl, Anne Lee Gross.  As Brits tend to
tack last names on to the front of their kids... there has been one of us since.
 At last count there have been 27, and there will be no more.  I have one
daughter, adopted from China, and besides I wouldn't have named a son Gross
anyway.  Thinking of changing my name to Gross Scruggs, the final.  

And then I bought my first German car... the '87 5kTQ, note obligatory Audi
content, and final words on names.