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Phil, how to adjust euro lights?

> I started my adjustments with the Audi 80 (4000) description in a Haynes
> manual, using a blank white wall.  Unfortunately, it was a borrowed
> manual so I can't post it.  I've seen it posted here in the past,
> though, so it might be in the archives.

The procedure is documented in the Bosch Automotive Handbook also.

In a nutshell: Get some chalk, a tape measure, a screwdriver, and a
towel.  Park on a level surface, perpendicular to a vertical wall 10 m
away.  Bounce the car to level the suspension.  Sight along the wheels
from behind to establish two points at the base of the wall.  (Brick
walls are good because the pattern on them gives you a visual
reference as you walk towards the wall.  Otherwise bring a friend.)
Mark inward and upward from those two points to the center of your
headlights.  Adjust the beams so that the angle in the upper part of
the pattern is 10 cm directly below those points.  This is easiest to
see if you align one light at a time, covering the other with a towel.

That takes care of the low beams; I have H4 single-bulb lights so I
don't recall, but I think if you have twin-bulbs, the highs are
aligned in the same way.
['86 Coupe GT]