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Re: Z3 (No Quattro content)

Throws the wheel alignment out in a variable manner.

Chassis flex can be checked statically; open and close one door
(driver or passenger).  Now jack up one corner of the car (front or
rear) until it is way up in the air.  Now oepn and close the same door.
If it is significantly harder to open/close and feels like it's binding
in the door jamb, you have chassis flex. Quite noticeable in my
Coupe Quattro.

Ray Calvo
1990 Coupe Quattro

In a message dated 97-03-16 02:25:10 EST, you write:

 > You can feel the chassis flex often on bumpy roads.
 What exactly does chassis flex feel like?  I can understand why it's
 bad but except for having less traction than you might, what are the
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 ['86 Coupe GT]