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Re: European Car: A4 Throttle Body Mod

You wrote:

"Using the G-Tech Performance computer, we timed the A4q's 0 to 60s > 
and averaged 7.35 sec before we installed the aformentioned 
components(TB and K&N). After the relatively straightforward install 
procedure, our 0 to 60 average dropped to 7.15 sec; the modest increase 
in low-end response was noticed by those who've spent considerable seat 
time in the A4q."

The original time of 7.35 sec before the mod seemed  a bit fast to me.
Maybe step one of the project was a chip or something....


While 7.35 seconds does seem a bit fast, I've always been suspicious of 
the tested 0-60s of high 8s to low 9s reported by the rags for my 95 
90csq.  Looking at the numbers from R/T, C/D - one gets the impression 
that the Audis are barely faster than minivans.   But I always get in 
front of Acuras and BMWs when launching at 3500 rpm+.

Being due for a 60k service soon, I am very interested in the throttle 
body/KN filter modification using Schaumberg's kit.  Anybody's 
experience with Schaumberg and/or its kit would be much appreciated as 
well as references to some capable pro mechanics in the greater NYC