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Cooling System 91' 200 TQW

HEy gang:
I need some help. My newly aquired 91 TQW, I have never heard the Fan or 
the Auxiliary water pump come on after shut down, even after a long 
freeway run. In my 86 5Kcstq, after shut down, the low spped fan and 
aux.water pump come on for a few minutes, and if it was hot, the higher 
speed fan would kick in.
Was this relay-timer wired differently for the 20V motors?

Also, not complaining, but there is neglegible oil consumption 
with this motor. What is the norm?

My V8 at 149K Miles is 1 Liter per 1500 Miles. My 190E-16V is 1 liter per 
800 miles at 99K Miles on the clock.

Next question is about computers.  Ned Ritchie vs Hoppen vs Factory RS-2
vs-TAp Chips. I cannot see all of the differences.

Can anyone chip in (pun intended)?

Thanks loads

PAul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 TQW

ps. The Alfa needs a new headgasket after only 300 Miles on the new 
motor. My son has decided to sell it and lease an A4. (Smart move)