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Re: Timing Belts

In a message dated 97-03-16 11:34:53 EST, you write:

<< Timing belts don't break when engines are turned by hand.  They tend to do
 near redline.   I've not seen anything on whether the WR/KX engine is an 
 interference design or not, but I know several people who've had damaged 
Totally Agree, depends on where you started spinning the motor.  To say ANY
motor audi makes is non interference is fine assuming your belt breaks at
idle.  As that approaches redline, no audi is exempt, esp hydraulic motor
 A further point on hydraulic lifter engines - interference or not, the
 should not be turned (not even by hand) for 30 minutes after the camshaft is

  >>>>>>>  I don't show the "even by hand" reference anywhere, but I suppose
not a great idea.  The reason for this is to allow the lifters to "bleed"
down to avoid "interference" on initial startup.  I don't think hydraulic
pressure turned by hand is a concern, but retentiveness beats haste.  On the
30 minute startup reference, after having done at least a dozen hydraulic
lifter replacements in audi cars, I find that Bentley/audi warning to be
somewhat incredulous.  I would like to see the wrench who would be ready to
start a car within 30 minutes of dropping lifters in.  That's 30 minutes to
install cam, cam seal, cam gear, cam belt, find 3 X tdc, install cam cover,
install pcv, install cam belt cover, install hp belt, torquing everything to
spec.  In a word:  WOW.  Like to meet that person.  :')

Bottom line Phil is right that even a "claim" of non interference motors,
doesn't mean it can't happen while revved.  Non interference usually refers
to the static turning of pistons without cam, not a running motor.  Change
your belts at the recommended interval folks, this is not a test I would want
to fail by empirical testing.

BTW, I did get confirmation that Phil's post of 322 lbs/ft without 2079 is
correct on the crank bolt, all claims of torque physics aside, that's what
audi says.