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Xenon bulbs.

> What do you guys think about xenon replacement bulbs.  I need a new
> headlight on my 5kTQ and I was just thinking about going with the xenon's
> while I was at it.  Also, how about those 9007's.  Are they alot brighter?

Distilled from the discussion a while ago (feel free to correct me):

1. True xenon discharge lights are made by Hella for rally use and
   also OEM on some of the very high-end Audis.  They are outrageously
   expensive.  They produce a brilliant white light.

2. You can also get ordinary incandescent bulbs that are filled with
   xenon instead of the usual argon.  They cost substantially more
   than the normal bulbs (if not in the same league as xenon
   discharge) and are only marginally better.  Apparently the idea is
   just to capitalize on the magic word "xenon".

3. You can modify your 9004 lights to take a 9007 bulb, which has a
   filament perpendicular to the 9004 bulb and gives a somewhat better
   beam pattern.

4. You can get 9004 bulbs in high wattages from Competition Unlimited
   or J.C. Whitney or Imparts and use those, but they won't help a
   whole lot because you still have too much light going where it
   shouldn't.  You will need relays and better sockets.

5. You can replace your lights with the proper European parts with H4
   or H1/H4 bulbs and hook it up with relays and it is SO MUCH BETTER.
['86 Coupe GT]