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More questions about 1992 V8 Quattro.

To all those with experience of the V8 or similar models, greetings!

I should appreciate it, if you can help on any of the following, if you
could e-mail
me directly as well as throught the digest, reason being that I do not
always have
time to go through the 200 kbytes of digest I seem to receive each day!

Dennis Jones,
DEEJ_JONES@ compuserve.com         [104573.1166@compuserve.com]

Questions about a 1992 Audi V8 Quattro, automatic, 72,000 miles:

1)      Tire and wheel sizes.  The factory lists 215/60x15 with 225/50x16
        as an option.  Three friends (two with S4's, one with a V8) suggest
        17" wheels, with 235/45x17 tires (the S4 owners) or 245/40x17 tires
        (the V8 owner).  Any comments on which will work best?

I haven't had a chance to check a tire fitment book, but the rolling radius
to be the same for 215/60x15, 225/50x16 and 235/45x17.  Will the extra 10
on the 235/45x17 cause any clearance problem?  Is the 245/40x17 the same
rolling radius, and would this cause a clearance problem?

2)      I feel the car needs lowering about half an inch, but no more. 
Where can
        I get road springs that would give me this lowering and would work

3)      The car rolls when cornering.  Probably would be o.k. with Koni's
        17" tires, but if not, are there any antisway bars for this car?

4)      I live in Vermont and commute to Montreal.  In our winters it can
get cool.
        Noticed that I cannot wind the driver's window down for the first
        minutes after driving away from a cold start.  Other windows work
        Can anyone point out where I should start looking for the cause? 
        or is the window motor tired.

I did silicone the window guides, but that did not help.

5)      I had good experience with an external filter for the ATF on my
        Would like to fit one on this V8 - has anyone experience of the
        between the trans and the tranny cooler?  Have to admit I have not
        able to find a tranny cooler yet, but assume there is one!

6)      The IR receiver on the driver's side does not seem to work, and
        prevents the one on the other side working too (according to the
        Voltage in the "pin" test is too low.  I am inclined to suspect a
        connection somewhere; can anyone suggest where?

Keys work in that they can activate the alarm and central locking when used
the lock, and they also emit IR radiation when tested on that little IR
tester from
Radio Shack.

7)      What temperature should the coolant run at?

When I got the car, in January, it ran cold (75 - 80) and the oil sludged. 
The dealer
changed the thermostat, and now it runs close to 100 Celsius.  The oil
stays clean!
However, it gets hot in Montreal in the summer, particularly if you are
stuck on the 
Champlain Bridge in the rush hour and need the AC on full blast.  Is this
car now
running too hot for summer use, and if so, what thermostats are available?

All comments gratefully received!

Dennis Jones
1992 Audi V8 Quattro
1996 Audi A6 Wagon
1987 Mustang GT (AOD)
1996 Taurus