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Shocks, Springs, Privacy and Things

Follow Audians; I'm looking for a black cargo/privacy cover for my '91 
200 TQW (the shade item that covers the back compartment).

I'm fairly well convinced my TQW also needs shocks/struts and I was 
thinking I might update the springs as well. Eric's (Steadiric) 
solution is enticing but out of my price range. Hence, I was thinking 
Boge TurboGas (unless any of you have a better idea) and 
am looking for some spring recommendations.

Lastly, the TQW arrived with the Audi/VW Votex "Roof Carrier System 
Carrier Bars" but without the keys. The lock cylinders are stamped  
with the number 042. If anyone happens to have 042 keys or knows where 
I can get Votex keys, I'd be much obliged.

TIA for your collective wisdom. GregJ