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O/S temp+IR detector

I posted a couple of requests to the list some weeks ago about o/s temp probes
and IR sensors on the 100/A6. Here is the result.

Someothers have had similar problems and enquiries through my dealer and AoA,
indicate that while this is known, the 3/5 year life of these components is not
considered a problem. Replacement cost is about $350 ea, ie same price for one
of each which is high by nuts and bolts standards, but quite in line with
aircraft costs which audis, merc and bmws are starting to resemble in terms of
operating economics and part costs.

One of the merc engineers said to me as it relates to parts prices...if you
cant stand the heat, you know where to go!. Oh I said..to buy a Ford. No he
said, buy a new merc.