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RE: 90 90q 20v redline top speed

From: "Bertenyi, Tamas" <Tamas.Bertenyi@nrc.ca>

>Hmmm. I just consulted my text "Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles" by
>Wolf-Heinrich Hucho. He quotes a Cd for the Audi 90Q of around 0.39.
>These are results measured in the Volkswagen climatic wind tunnel and
>the same values can be found in Werner and Heil.

Could you give a few more?  e.g. mid 80s Audi 80, 100 and Avant, A4, A6. 
(also the frontal area if you have access to these figures).

>Thus your drag in Newtons at any speed, V, is
>D=0.5*rho*V^2*(0.39)*(1.90) but I guess I am getting carried away

What is rho?  Where does the 0.5 come from?  Is it just a function of V^2, 
otr is there a component of V^3?

>don't get me started,

Why not?  It is a great opportunity to get info "from the horse's mouth".

I've forgotton almost all the aerodynamics I did at school/college.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant